Miscellaneous Items

Printed with your Coat of Arms or Scottish Clan Badge


printed banner image

Canvas Banner on Dowel

8" x 14" $25.00

13" x 20" $45.00

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single keychain image

Single Keychain



Keychains are available as single items or quantity sets (all w/same image). Contact us for pricing on the quantity sets.

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tote bag

18"x11.25"x3" Tote Bag


plus $8.00 shipping


100% Polyester Duck

Large front pocket

White with black

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plush teddy bear

Personalized Plush Bear

8" - $19.50

12" - $21.50

plus $4.50 shipping


Shirt features your

Coat of Arms or Clan Badge


country flag
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flag base


Flag Bases

For 1 Flag - $2.00

For 2 Flags - $4.00

For 3 or 4 Flags - $4.00

plus $2.70 shipping

(Contact us for prices of 5-10 hole bases)


flag iron-on patch
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flag coffe mug
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